Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This new diet

So far so good :)
My pescatarian diet has been a total win! Even though i only weigh myself once a week and i JUST started.. I FEEL tons better. My body feels amazing :) I'm not so ugh all the time.. i don't sweet as much. Oh i love it so much and you'd be surprised at how easy it is to to replace you meats with fish :))) Ohhh so easy. I know I've lost weight even though i haven't weighed in yet :) you should really try it .. Sorry for such the short post 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh my.. The plans have changed
So In a few months my boyfriend Michael was going to move here ( when he turns 18) and we were going to get a apartment right away.. Now.. Since we're not sure HOW he's going to get here(due to the fact that he doesn’t have much money and isn't going to anytime soon). So now when he turns 18, he's going to go move in with his mom (who lives in bumbfuck Georgia ) and then in just a simple two and a half weeks later when I turn 18 I’ll go back to Georgia ( were I used to live and swore I would never go back to that state) to live with him, his mom, his sister, his sister's boyfriend, his mom's boyfriend, a friend of the family, and his sister's three. Yes three kids in this one house... Do you know how many people will be in this one house??!! TEN!!! Can you live in a house with TEN people.. I sure can't!! Not to even start on the fact that me and his sister already don’t get along! and her kids are annoying ( mostly because she's a dumb 18 year old that doesn’t know how to care for her kids) .. Not that I have anything against the people that have kids young.. that is if you take care of them I don't .. but people like his sister who don't, no no people in general that don’t take care of there kids shouldn't have them!! But anyway, as I was saying about moving in this house with all these people in the state I don't want to be in PLUS in the middle of no where in the state I don’t want to be in.. Is where in fact I’m going to be .. All over a boy I’m head over heels for.. but you never know, I might like it.. As long as I stay in the room with the computer and my cell phone I'M GOOD.. Sad.. but true. Ahhh these plans don’t make me happy but in my mind it's worth it.. But there's rules ( of coarse ) no sex, no being out past 12, don’t get loud, don't play music loud, and we plus pay her rent 350 to be exact.. Now the rent I was like wooohooooo because he we were going to have to pay a lovely 1,500 a month for all out bills.. to me.. that's a lot of money going to be saved.. and saved to get the hell out of there :)