Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meet Nezzie Yager

This is Nezzie Yager. She is full of energy and sleeps a lot.. she also likes nipping on my toes. I love her!

Isn't she a cutie?!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today is the big day

I"m getting my ferret today :) i'm so excited it's crazy! 
I have a pretty busy day (kinda)  

12:00pm - Start cleaning (everything)
3:00pm - Pick Israel up from work 
4:30pm - Meet your mom for dinner and a movie
6:30pm - Go get a ferret :) ! 

There is still a few things i have to get before i get the ferret ... My friend wanted to go with me when i get my ferret so that's why i'm getting him/her so later.. So while I'm there i'll get or i probably will get before so that im not setting anything up when the ferret gets here.. and everything read for him/her... and then i'll go back with my friend and get the ferret ! and post a million pics of him/her. 
I wonder what i should wear? Its warm.. so probably a dress.. but i don't have a dress i want to wear ... hmm 
I guess i must go also find a dress to wear today.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the best little dog in the world

I'm talking about my little baby boy Woody :) 
I have had this dog FOREVER ! And i love him to death! 
he has been there for me through thick and thin 

My ferret Cage

This is my cage so far. i still need to get a litter box and a second level... I don't plan on keeping this cage.. only for about two or three weeks then the second pic is the cage i'm going to get ( 2nd pic found on tumblr ) .
When i finish the cage i'll post more pics. AND when i get the ferret i am FOR SURE posting pics :) 



I just love ferrets ! they're one of those animals you either love or hate ! and love them. i think they are so freaking cute! with their little eyes and cute tails! to they sounds they make and how hyper they are ! they are so me. I cant wait to get mine on the 24th! CAN'T WAIT!!!! 
I found some really good pics of them on tumblr! aren't they just cuties !!

Did i say i cant wait :) !!! 

Get your sausage links plump and yummy !

So my mom and i HATE pan frying sausage links and the patties too ! We found they are way to greasy and are not plump and juicy at all ! like they should be! a few years ago we started baking them! And they taste amazing! Also believe it or not deep-frying them taste pretty good too! just take all the excess oil off after ! nobody likes greasy meat :) 

So put your Links, Patties, and your bacon too ya'll  on a cookie sheet and start baking them !! you will love it.. promise

I usually put it on about 375 

Update :)

Loving my new job :) ! Just got a new cage for the ferret <3 CANT WAIT !! 
Michael might be coming down and seeing me on the 15th and staying for a week or so ! exciting huh? i think yes! We've been trying to get a hold of his momma so that she knows when we are coming that way.. she just got a new place and sent us some pics and its amazing! My dad isn't doing any better.. we still don't have all the answers we would like to know... he might go into surgery... Anyy way when i finish the ferret cage ill post pics :) !! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

One day i went with my mom to get her nails done.. not something i usually do! But i'm glad i did this time. As i was sitting there a girl was drying her nails when i noticed she had knitting needles and yarn with her. I said " you knit?" and she (obviously) said "yes" . We talked for a while from there talking about knitting and crocheting and all the different things you can do and blah, blah, blah.. She told me i should go to ravelry and sign up.. I left and when i got home that night went to check out .. From the moment i signed up i fell in love with the site :) It has sooo much going on there! So much that can learned, so many patterns, so many people, ... Just amazing.. If you knit or crochet, or want to learn or you're getting ready to learn.. GO! Go sign up and be happy camper... you wont be sorry! And while you're there find me :) !! 

Crochet VS. Knitting

I Learned to knit not to long ago. A few days ago i learned to crochet! Now.... I now know a lot of people who crochet and knit. EVERYONE likes one over the other..
My Opinion:
Knitting - Easy, fun, simple, patterns are easy, and you can do sooo much 
But - Its slow, lots of movements, more needles, and can be hard to fix a problem 

Crochet - Quick, easy, fun, easy to make designs, easy on the hands and fingers, tons you can do
But- it can get tricky, can be hard to follow at times, (for me) reading a pattern is hard, 

Now i personal like them both almost equally.. sometime i rather knit.. and other times i rather crochet.. 
What do you like most? and why? 
Don't know? well go find out :) Learn to knit and crochet! Its so FUN!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going Natural

So about 6 months ago i said I'm going to stop perming my hair and go natural! I let grow before i did the big cut and about a week ago i finally did! I love it ... it feels so light and good. And its sooo soft! i will post more about my natural hair journey :) but if anyone out there is still wondering if they should go natural.. stop! and say yes cause you should!

Monday, January 23, 2012

i started knitting :) ( update )

I STARTED KNITTING!! I finally learned how after wanting to for like ever!! 
I'm working on my first scarf! I'm super excited about showing it off. I've also done a few book marks. I learned quickly so i can actually move pretty quickly with it! I hope to soon learn how to hats and arm and leg warmers AND socks!! YAYYY i hope to soon get so great at crafts i can start making all my friends holiday and birthday presents!! I'm also sorry i'm such a horrible blogger.. its just so hard to get a hold of the computer sometime. i swear when i get my own computer i'll blog like crazy!!
But as an update i'm getting ready to start job corps and try and get my GED and then i'm moving to Georgia in with Michael ( my boyfriend ) .. Everything seems to be moving pretty smoothly and soundly .. its going good.. and i like that! OH!! i also made a friend he name DESHANAH!!! ahaha and i'm SHOSHANAH.. i just thought that was cool lol :) ohhhh well. I hope to update more! i for sure will when i finish my scarf though