Friday, February 3, 2012

One day i went with my mom to get her nails done.. not something i usually do! But i'm glad i did this time. As i was sitting there a girl was drying her nails when i noticed she had knitting needles and yarn with her. I said " you knit?" and she (obviously) said "yes" . We talked for a while from there talking about knitting and crocheting and all the different things you can do and blah, blah, blah.. She told me i should go to ravelry and sign up.. I left and when i got home that night went to check out .. From the moment i signed up i fell in love with the site :) It has sooo much going on there! So much that can learned, so many patterns, so many people, ... Just amazing.. If you knit or crochet, or want to learn or you're getting ready to learn.. GO! Go sign up and be happy camper... you wont be sorry! And while you're there find me :) !! 

Crochet VS. Knitting

I Learned to knit not to long ago. A few days ago i learned to crochet! Now.... I now know a lot of people who crochet and knit. EVERYONE likes one over the other..
My Opinion:
Knitting - Easy, fun, simple, patterns are easy, and you can do sooo much 
But - Its slow, lots of movements, more needles, and can be hard to fix a problem 

Crochet - Quick, easy, fun, easy to make designs, easy on the hands and fingers, tons you can do
But- it can get tricky, can be hard to follow at times, (for me) reading a pattern is hard, 

Now i personal like them both almost equally.. sometime i rather knit.. and other times i rather crochet.. 
What do you like most? and why? 
Don't know? well go find out :) Learn to knit and crochet! Its so FUN!