Thursday, October 6, 2011

Non-meat.. meat :)

So i just tried Non-Meat, Meat for the first time(again) since like i don't know six years ago!
Today i stopped by Sunflower and picked up some Boca(chicken nuggets)?? Now remember form when i was younger i hated them!! But now I LOVE them they were amazing. i even gave one to my mom without telling her it wasn't real meat and she liked it :) it taste sooo good! I'm defintly going to get it again! along with other thengs.. i need to start buying up on this stuff and seeing what i do and don't  like.. I'm going to get some Mornig Star Farm stuff too! It'll make my pescatarian  journey a lot easier!

Well on anther note! Things have changed AGAIN!! So Michael(my boyfriend) is moving here now.. instead of me moving there... THANK GOD! ... My mother agreed to helping me get him out here.. And i found this lovley apartment :) ! The closet and bathroom and hudge! and the apartment! such a great size! i'm getting way excited.. Sooo happy. I'm glad he's coming here, i can't wait! he's happy about it too :) and i'm glad. i sent him blue prints and he was happy. No joke guys it's a great size for a even more great price! in a good part of town. Near EVERYTHING! Ohhh SOOOOO HAPPPPPYYYYYY!!!! Can you tell :))) ?????