Tuesday, September 13, 2011

.... Why scale, why??!!!

Why must diets be so hard?? I don't understand! I've worked out ate right and STILL just two pounds have left m body in a WEEK.. yes a week, and only two pounds.. this sucks. I guess this is just my body's way of telling me.. if i want better results i MUST work harder... What can i do to loos more weight?! i need to loose 70 pounds by February.. that's a simple 14 pounds a month. Sounds like nothing, but yet it is becoming So difficult!! How rude i must say.. in my past diets i lost weight with flying colors.. of coarse i had dropped my calories intake to like 550 to 650 (if i ate at all) a day ohhhh my i shall go back to my days of starving and working out on an empty stomach and waking up so light headed i see dots.. sitting in front of a plate crying cause i don't want to eat it cause i thought i was a size 5 fattie! but now I've gained all this weight after stopping all that madness and want that size 5 girl back! and back like NOW... What's a girl to do

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  1. you are beautiful the way you are(no homo) not eating isnt going to help you,. best advice i could give is to be active,. starving yourself isnt the key to success in losing weight...healthly