Monday, January 23, 2012

i started knitting :) ( update )

I STARTED KNITTING!! I finally learned how after wanting to for like ever!! 
I'm working on my first scarf! I'm super excited about showing it off. I've also done a few book marks. I learned quickly so i can actually move pretty quickly with it! I hope to soon learn how to hats and arm and leg warmers AND socks!! YAYYY i hope to soon get so great at crafts i can start making all my friends holiday and birthday presents!! I'm also sorry i'm such a horrible blogger.. its just so hard to get a hold of the computer sometime. i swear when i get my own computer i'll blog like crazy!!
But as an update i'm getting ready to start job corps and try and get my GED and then i'm moving to Georgia in with Michael ( my boyfriend ) .. Everything seems to be moving pretty smoothly and soundly .. its going good.. and i like that! OH!! i also made a friend he name DESHANAH!!! ahaha and i'm SHOSHANAH.. i just thought that was cool lol :) ohhhh well. I hope to update more! i for sure will when i finish my scarf though

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