Friday, February 3, 2012

Crochet VS. Knitting

I Learned to knit not to long ago. A few days ago i learned to crochet! Now.... I now know a lot of people who crochet and knit. EVERYONE likes one over the other..
My Opinion:
Knitting - Easy, fun, simple, patterns are easy, and you can do sooo much 
But - Its slow, lots of movements, more needles, and can be hard to fix a problem 

Crochet - Quick, easy, fun, easy to make designs, easy on the hands and fingers, tons you can do
But- it can get tricky, can be hard to follow at times, (for me) reading a pattern is hard, 

Now i personal like them both almost equally.. sometime i rather knit.. and other times i rather crochet.. 
What do you like most? and why? 
Don't know? well go find out :) Learn to knit and crochet! Its so FUN!

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